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30 ounce

LS1 260Z Project

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After losing a valve seat on my 3.0 liter L6 I decided to go with an LS1/T56 combo after seeing Austin Hoke's (Hoke Performance) beautiful LS2/T56 build and the mounts that he designed to do it.  I really think he did a nice job designing these and the workmanship is top notch.  There was a question about which mount to get with the low mount alternator and it turns out the standard mount works fine for the low mount F-body alternator.  I had ordered the low mount bracket that he designed to install the LS2 out of the GTO and that mount screws into the alternator replacing the bracket on the back of the alternator. So if you are using the F-body LS1 get the standard mount.post-11707-0-64696400-1485735329_thumb.jpgpost-11707-0-54179400-1485735346_thumb.jpgpost-11707-0-47862900-1485735366_thumb.jpgpost-11707-0-93505900-1485735383_thumb.jpgpost-11707-0-21925700-1485735404_thumb.jpgpost-11707-0-77088600-1485735420_thumb.jpgpost-11707-0-21171600-1485735438_thumb.jpgpost-11707-0-46965000-1485735628_thumb.jpg 

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