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Wolf Creek / FutoFab Install Instructions?


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"Tighten all Grade 8 bolts to 35 ft/lbs.  These bolts have a cross drilled head for safety wire."


Nuts mounting adapters to stub axle and companion flange specify 50 lbs.  Let me know if you need more info or a scan or something.


That hub side safety wire about kills me. I'd like a lift, drop control arms for access, and an aviation tech to do the work.

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Perfect, thanks.

I have the whole Hub assembly removed for rebuild also so might just mount and wire the hubs and Cv on the table then I just have to click the inners in the diff.


Genius!  (fear no spindle pin). Get an aviation tech with his pliers and it's perfect.

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Good luck trying to get 35lbs on those allen heads. I stripped one out trying and contacted futofab. Apparently the instructions weren't updated with the hardware update. 35lbs on a 1/4' bolt is high by any standard . I can't remember what we agreed on , but I'm almost positive it wasn't that high  

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I believe we have the same ones. Just think about 35lb on a basically a 1/4" allen head. I'd go tight and safety wire. I also think the original bolts were hex head that could handle more torque at the head. Some of them will take the 35lbs, but they are on the ragged edge of stripping the head of the bolt   

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Took me all day Sunday getting to this point. Didn't have the energy to mount in car, think I need a budddy to assist.

New bearings and seals.

Konis back in and gland nuts tack welded (just a tiny weld bridge to Lock)

New steel adapters and new CV joints.


Ready to race this weekend.


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