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ebay ac kit

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has anyone used this ebay ac kit?




I have seen it mentioned a few times but no one has actually talked about their experience with it.... wondering if this would be easier to install than a vintage air kit. having trouble keeping up with all the parts needed for a vintage air install


summer is approaching so trying to sort my car out before i start to melt!


Thank you! 

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Good move. Them saying that  kit is made for a Datsun is like saying a window unit is made for a Datsun. I'm sure a window unit would fit in the hatch of the Z, but doesn't mean you should attempt to do something like that. They could at least send you the autozone carpet curtain they put in the picture of their ad to cover that monstrosity up. That one is really meant for a Jeep or hot rod with a really tall flat firewall, not something as small as a Z car.Where you have to hole saw a 3" hole through the firewall, at least on a 78 using the defrost option, you then have to trim the battery tray to be able to connect the fittings. Pure garbage. Then you have to drill a 1.25" drain hole for the drain pipe, and 3 holes through the firewall to mount it. I don't think I had to drill one hole to mount my vintage air compac, and it's totally hidden, no autozone carpet curtain required. This picture is from their ad.










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