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GM Wastespark with Stock L28 CAS


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Looking to get some information from others who have done the GM waste spark setup.


I'm trying to figured out if I can use the stock 280zx CAS wheel to control GM waste spark, the kind off the 3400s with 1 coil for 2 cylinders, so I will be adding extra BIP373s for spark B and spark C.

Can i use the 280zx CAS wheel, or do I need either a Z31 CAS wheel or the DIYautotune wheel? Trying to find the simplest solution possible.


I'm running MS2e 3.2.3 firmware, only have 3 wires from the stock CAS going to the MS, it appears if I did the DIYautotune wheel i would have to run the 4th wire back to the MS unit.


Any insight would be greatly appreciated

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The CAS is used by MS, which then controls spark and injection.  So the wheel you use is really determined by how you want MS to work not which ignition system you use.  Most people here would suggest the DIY wheel since it was designed specifically for MS.





The other way to use GM DIS is to use its reluctor wheel instead of the Nissan CAS wheel.



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