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Missing cam sprocket alignment mark, aligned?


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I´m right now on the final stage of my complete engine rebuild.
Before engine start I´m double checking the timing alignment.
I however seem to miss the V shape mark on the sprocket(aftermarket OSK) which makes me a bit

Below pictures show the alignment as i sits right now, can anyone please feedback

whether it´s aligned or not. 


Car is a 280z -75.

Chain, cam and sprocket are new and the the marking down at the crank is aligned.








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I've heard of these sprockets with no notch.  It's a dilemma.  You do have the bright links though, and the parts are new, so the best you can do is follow the procedure in the FSM, for new parts installation.  42 links between the two marks.  The notch and groove are more important for showing wear, I think, and as a secondary check.

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Right now I´m having problem finding the correct timing.

With distributor aligned as in the pictures I was no able the reach the proper advance, couldn´t ever reach 0 degree.

Moved the Oil pump shaft one notch, now I can´t retard the timing more than 16 degree BTDC..

Feel unlikely that there is a notch inbetween.

The shaft sits perfect at 11:25.

However the car is very hard to start and as said I cant retard more than 16 degree BTDC.


It´s a 280zx dist with MSD 6Al.

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