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Franken Z

Nismo Electric Fuel Pump!?!?

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Went under the Z today to put in my new electric fuel pump i got from a friend for 25 dollars brand new, looked up, and low And behold. What looks to me like an electric fuel pump. Im not 100 percent sure it even is one, but when I started googling to see what it might be, i found a Nismo Electric Fuel Pump that looks exactly the same. I will post pictures of what I think is mine and then some of the one I found online. Can someone tell me if it is a Nismo part or if it is even a fuel pump at all?

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Oops. Sorry. Forgot to post the other pic. But i now know for sure that it is an electric fuel pump. (It says so on the side) now the question is... Nismo or not? I talked to all previous owners, (yes I know them all personally) and they did NOT put that there.


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Looks like the stock electric that dealers put in to fight the fuel vaporization problem. If it's working, it has an internal filter that should be cleaned/replaced at the very least. It's age suggest it really should be replaced.


The Nismo pump and the commonly available Faucet Gold Flo pumps ( http://www.facet-purolator.com/gold-flo.php ) are all the same external style, but would like to see a review of what is inside them and how/where they are made to understand is the Nismo price is justified.


I run the Faucet 2.5-4 psi FEP60SV pumps in my Z and dime and like them noise wise, and the fact that they have an internal filter. Been reliable so far.

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