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L6 "K" Grind Cam?


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I recently purchased an F54/P79 motor that is presenting me with a few mysteries and I'm wondering if I can find any insight here.


Here's the story so far:


The motor was pulled from a 260z with a pair of flat-top SUs and a complete factory smog system (air pump and all)

Was the p79 tapped for carbs still?


The inside of the motor, aside from some significant carbon on the pistons, is like new. All bearings check out, the crosshatching is still present, no sludge, it's perfect.


The cam has a "K" stamped in it, clear as day, and I've never heard of a K grind.


Oh, and it has an elephant oil cap.


Does anyone have any info about the K grind, such as where it comes from or what it is? I've seen a few mentions online but nothing substantial.



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Here's another thread talking about a 'K' stamped P79 http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/57930-how-much-is-a-shaved-p90-worth/  That stamp isn't listed on the Atlanticz cam specs page.


I just looked at couple heads I have here - have a 'B' marked P90 from a turbo (expected). And my P79 is blank.  That 'K' looks like a similar font/marking style as the stock 'B' on my P90.


My 260Z also has a F54/P79. Get it running (but maybe without the flat tops).

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