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Mating RB trans w/ Rear Sump Oil Pan


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Sorry if this is a dumb question, I tried searching the forums but didn't find anything that really talked about this.

I'm doing an RB25 swap into a 280z, so I've had the oil pan converted to a rear sump type. I then realized that the engine had these two attachments that bolt on the sides of the engine near the back for the transmission to mate with. Due to the rear sump oil pan those don't fit. It looks like there's 4 bolt holes on the engine block that would still work with the trans, not including the starter bolts. 

Are there modified side attachments I need to get for the trans, or do you just use the 4 bolts you can? That doesn't seem right.


Side Attachments.jpg

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You just use the 4 bolts. The brackets are for a little extra stiffening, but they aren't really necessary. Every rear sump rb I can find on google images only uses the 4 upper bolts. The stock l28 in your 280z only attached to the transmission with 4 bolts in about the same locations.

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I just modified my brackets so they still worked around my sump. I don't think Nissan would bother with the expense of building and installing the brakets if it wasn't necessary.

Also everyone I know with an Rb ups the power and torque sooner or later maybe then the brakets become even more important. 

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