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  1. Joshy7

    Mating RB trans w/ Rear Sump Oil Pan

    I just modified my brackets so they still worked around my sump. I don't think Nissan would bother with the expense of building and installing the brakets if it wasn't necessary. Also everyone I know with an Rb ups the power and torque sooner or later maybe then the brakets become even more important.
  2. My pick for an overflow tank
  3. Joshy7

    New topstage z kit

    Topstage composites in Melbourne has a new kit for the z It looks super sweet and i bet it works well too as Freddy is really in to time attack stuff. Theres more photos on their Facebook page.
  4. Joshy7

    Who's s30 with Carbon Fiber Hood Louvers ??? (PIC)

    Hi Guys little late to the party but thats my z. Its a 240 with an RB25 in it. Arizona z car willwoods, and a mix of ttt and arizona z car suspension. I prob should put up a build but I'm such a serial lurker. The vents are indeed top stage and the made a huge difference we get some pretty hot days here in australia and the vents lowered my average water temp by 10degrees - celcius. Top stage makes some awesome stuff i've also got his centre console and carbon rear ducktail spoiler. Also freddy is a cool guy, super passionate about his carbon parts. He drives a z too. Check out the Topstage Facebook page he's just put together a new kit for a z its pretty hot. I'll put a post in bodykits with a link. Heres another photo of my z bonnets (hoods) now matt black don't know why just got out a rattle can one day and i like it.
  5. Hi There available here in Australia all colours and sizes in the grid classic I've First had the 15 inch - 9 Alecia on my 240z with flares but changed to the 17inch Rbx. Fitting bigger rotors I needed bigger rotas - sorry http://www.rotawheels.com.au/wheels/rota-grid-classic