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Turbo Dizzy (82/82)

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Rock Auto has A1 Cardone remanufactured Turbo dizzies for $182 out right. You will need a Cap and Rotor . I would recommend the Beck/Arnley brand. usually OEM Japanese parts for Nissan. 


I would recommend checking all the clearances on the Dizzy. They often install a later Maxima pr Pathfinder CAS, and it has a couple of plastic " Nibs " on the bottom that do not allow the CAS to sit square. Mine was rubbing on the Trigger disc. A few minutes of " Blue Printing " and all was good. Also, sometimes both the dizzy body and the CAS are threded for mounting screws. It's a difference in how the later CAS units are mounted. If you find this is the case. Remove the mounting screws and CAS . Drill out the three threaded holes in the dizzy body so that the mounting screws can be installed from the bottom and thread into the CAS. It's self explanatory when you see it. 

And you will want to get the custom 54mm  L28ET 12 + 1 Trigger wheel from DiyAutoTuning. 

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