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Auxiliary Water Pump


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I’m looking for ideas and suggestions for an auxiliary electric water pump for my RB25 swap.


The engine comes with an oil-water cooler that circulates engine coolant routed towards the heater core. I’d like to run a separate water pump and front mount heat exchanger to run cool water just for the oil cooler and for the turbo water lines (perhaps for expansion to other fluid-fluid cooling options later, like a diff cooler)

looking for ideas for a small electric water pump to circulate warm coolant, a couple gpm is probably ok.

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Bosch made a small water pump for the Ford Lightning air-water intercooler. It should do you nicely. They're not expensive and unfortunately I don't have the PN that I ordered. And the box is in SoCal, 8,500 miles away right now.

A quick check on eBay showed the GT500 also now uses the same independent intercooler water pump. Under $150, made for exactly what you want to do! You are doing with yours exactly what I did with mine: oil cooler, diff cooler, trans cooler. I have a second one that pumps iced water through a Vortech Air/Water Intercooler that subcools the inlet air charge after passing through the air/air intercooler up front. I've been happy with mine, I bought it right at the local Ford Dealer. Hard to beat OEM Quality Parts. I'd shy away from aftermarket Chinese Crap since the price on the original stuff is still more than reasonable!



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