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Header temperature

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67F59896-8017-4D38-8BC2-D8D1CC210FDC.thumb.jpeg.27ef4d527ba51d6326a03f1ed6fa0737.jpegI have a 240z with rebuilt E88 head, rebuilt dome top su carbs and I just went from stock manifold with 2.5” exhaust pipe and cherry bomb muffler to a header.  I kept the pipe and muffler as the weren’t stock anyway, I just added a flexible connection from the collector to the existing exhaust pipe.

Actually now I wish I didn’t do this modification. It’s really noisy and I’m not sure that moving away from the OEM cast iron exhaust manifold was a good idea.  It seemed to do the job... any comment on the performance improvements or lack there of?

One other point - within 6 months I had a fuel leak right over the header pipes even with all new fuel lines. 

It totally cooked the new fuel lines from the float bowls to the jets. They were cracking and perished.  Dangerous. 

I have since replaced the SU carb fuel lines with correct parts, and modified the heat shield with an additional aluminum plate which sits under the fuel hoses/jets.  I also added some heat wrapping to the fuel lines. Makes tuning more of a chore, but gives me peace of mind.

Anyone have a solution to the header noise issue?  Add a resonator?  Change the muffler to a better one?  I can tig/mig weld so would buy parts online and do the install myself.  I’m not a boy racer (nearly 60) and it sounds like an F1 car now when I put my foot down.  Yeah, I know- some of you would think that was a ‘bonus’.


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