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2jzge swap in progress

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13 minutes ago, seattlejester said:

Finding someone who says they can weld is pretty easy, do your diligence now rather than later, you want to see some test pieces and make sure he shows you the welds before he goes and covers them up with paint or seam sealer. These are really structural pieces take caution.


Stay away from cosmo. It is just a spring setup with an adjustable perch, might as well go with a ground control kit at that point which has way more options, better design, and you can convert to a camber top.


Those star wheels are pretty neat, but looks like the most they come with is 5.5 aka 0 offset. You might be able to run them with real thin coilovers, but you would want almost an inch more outboard probably via spacer if you wanted to fill out flares, that is quite a massive weight package.


For the effort, I would say trying to find a cd009 over the cd001 you have would be beneficial.


I'd almost say making sure the trans fits would be better before you went and welded in the floors, once you weld new floors in it kind of locks the trans tunnel in place makes it harder to stretch out or manipulate. Granted I guess you can't really hammer the trans tunnel without a solid connection to bend around. Looks like you have an earlier Z which means quite a bit of material removal will be required. Might be worth taking a look at how you want everything to fit and then try and build around it rather then weld everything and have to cut it up to make room again.


Depending on how bad the floor is it may be easier to just put in a new floor and it will be cheaper to if you just make it flat.


Ive seen his welds and they look great on his g35 he’s building.


good to know about the cosmo set up.


the star wheels can be custom ordered up to 10 inch wide and 16 inch wheels with custom back spacing for about $8 more per wheel.


the cd001 trans I had gotten was super cheap and I’ve been keeping an eye open on a cd009 and in my parts of the woods everybody wants top dollar to the point where buying one from Nissan seems like the best choice after I get the car driving.


i like the idea about fitting the drivetrain in then welding in the floors I’ll see about doing it that way.


i had already bought a drivers floor pan knowing how bad it was.

both guys (Dave and tommie) said the passenger side is  repairable.


the chassis on working with now is a 73.

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43 minutes ago, seattlejester said:

Good to know on the wheels I do have a soft spot for 5 spokes, is the option when you order direct from us wheel?

They don’t sell to the public but will answer your questions on sizes they can do and the sales guy I had referred me to use jegs for my order.

so I called jegs waited on hold for a bit and told the sales guy what they had said so he put me on hold and called us wheel and spoke with another sales guy and confirmed they can be done in my size and provided me with a quote plus shipping to my door. 

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Small update I ordered the Mavericks adaptor and flywheel and it’s currently on back order so that blows but on the nice side I I have the correct clutch fork and pivot ball and i6F145026-36BA-47AE-8AE0-E69188E0AB0D.thumb.jpeg.65a50aec46d976f0e0cd59a501b6be9d.jpeg picked up a z31 for $300 with 91k on it.

i haven’t heard it crank or anything because there was no battery but the owners Dad said it was parked because of a bad fuel pump and the son is still locked up for 4 years and just wants to get rid of it. 


The body body looks clean and even if I don’t keep it I found a guy that will trade me a s130 Parts car and a few L6 Parts that I don’t really need but hey happy day.


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bought a crap load of parts about a week away from finishing up my work season got a family trip planned my sons doing really well in school.

what could go wrong??!!

in one week my truck gets hit by a bus and

my mechanics wife tells me to pick up my car and Parts because there no longer together...!!!!

some one dose not want this car built.


i have a 6 hour drive to pick everything up and then I need to find a place to put everything and this time I think I’m going to do it my self 

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Just now, SleeperZ said:

Good of them to leave a note, looks like the truck survives.

3 shops said it’s almost $7000 for repairs and I haven’t been able to get in contact with there insurance adjuster.

but I did fall in love with the s130 Parts car I picked up after I found a box of  you documentation from the factory and decided to give it to my son.


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So just a bad update here.

the last few months have been a up and down ride and with everything going on in my live I’ve decided it was best to sell my 240z and focus on being a new home owner and saving money for the right project.

ive kept all of the Powertrain parts and will do a 2jz swap to an s30 just not at this time.

i wanted to say thank you to all of you guys for the advice and letting type up Long rants and you guys not banning my profile.

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