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Finally got the stock tachometer working.

Jus wanted to pass along the details.

PSI LS3 harness (white wire to tach)

stock 1978 280z tach modified by Johns

in Dallas. Hooked it up and no tach reading at all on the gauge


Stopped by my tuner and the settings are

14 and 15 on the resolution. He thought there should be a good voltage reading.


PSI said should have a 5v output Square

wave (need oscope meter)

I could only read a miniscule reading

on the meter  .05v and a little frequency

wave but almost flat.


Decided to try the 1000 ohm resistor

attached  to a 12v source then spliced into the tach signal wire. As per PSI instructions that came with harness.

This bumps up the voltage from the signal wire. 

Cranked up the car and the tachomter

reads perfectly.

Amazing how low the voltage from the e38 ecm is!!

Hope this helps someone..




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