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  1. 1978 280z r200 os giken with oem inner stubs. With circlips installed the oem inner stub axels wont slide in past the installed in differential cir clips. need to use oem inner stubs so i can bolt up new Z car garage cv axels. Does anyone make a compatible stub axel that mounts the circlip on the stub and not in the diff. ? Any one had this issue?
  2. Looking for fuel sending unit for my 78 Z working or not Thanks Tadd
  3. Congrats! gonna turn heads cruisin around in that beauty
  4. Finally got the stock tachometer working. Jus wanted to pass along the details. PSI LS3 harness (white wire to tach) stock 1978 280z tach modified by Johns in Dallas. Hooked it up and no tach reading at all on the gauge Stopped by my tuner and the settings are 14 and 15 on the resolution. He thought there should be a good voltage reading. PSI said should have a 5v output Square wave (need oscope meter) I could only read a miniscule reading on the meter .05v and a little frequency wave but almost flat. Decided to try the 1000 ohm resistor attached to a 12v source then spliced into the tach signal wire. As per PSI instructions that came with harness. This bumps up the voltage from the signal wire. Cranked up the car and the tachomter reads perfectly. Amazing how low the voltage from the e38 ecm is!! Hope this helps someone.. Tadd
  5. got the TTT gtx2 very awesome TTT rear also...nice stuff did the bug brake wilwoods from them also
  6. replaced the ls1 with ls3 376 525 crate
  7. Alain where did you get your seats upholstered? My next deal... Btw I did the os giken w/ 3.91 Also the Mcleod Rst dual Both are working great.... These cars are stupid fast.... Your Z amazes me!!! Tadd in Austin
  8. 1978z original paint/interior LS3 525 T56 102mm throttle by wire 3.91 os giken L/S differential Techno toy suspension Techno wilwood big brakes front CX racing mounts, headers and pipes MGW shifter Borla muffler Frame rails Bumper conversion T56 tail mod for speedo All original guages Alignment by Soul Speed Tuned by Aikmam Performance Rota 16s Michelin pilots
  9. Re lower boot....I ended up buying a piece of neoprene. I cut to approximate size cut a small square hole in appropriate spot and put it carefully over the mgw shifter. I used the origional bracket to hold it down. I cut a 2 inch section out of the bracket cuz the mgw needed a little more space on drivers side. I used razor to trim around edge after mounting. I ended up making 2 layers for better insulation so thickness about a quarter inch thick . It worked out really well. And looks clean, not that anyone would see it.
  10. That looks great!!! are you gonna keep stock fuel guage?
  11. Decided to make my own lower boot out of neoprene. See how it goes. My upper leather still in excellent condition.
  12. As Derek Zoolander would say..."your car is really really really ridiculously good looking"
  13. Thx guys seems borlas get lots of raves...might just put a cherry bomb in the trunk so i can have the sticker...
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