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Minnesota Bodyshop

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Hello Guys,


stangely I was asked for a bodyshop recommendation in Minnesota... don´t ask me why ;)


anyways, the car is american muscle out of a field, in need of large bodywork. Car has sentimental value to my friend and he wants it done in 18 month. Lower 1/3 needs replacement, panels can be bought. So: Can anybody recommend a shop willing to take it on for a reasonable price? (he got quotes around 100k -_-  )


thanks so much guys!

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I live in Minnesota and there are a bunch of shops doing rust repair stuff but not for cheap unless you know them personally or it’s there side gig.

i can ask around or ask the guy doing my z but he’s older and asked to look at my car ahead of time to make sure he wanted to do the job.

what part of Minnesota is he located in I’m in the Minneapolis and st.paul area.


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