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  1. (goldfish)

    New to s130 chassis and wanted to say hello

    Adj. coil overs is kinda a pain on these cars. the tokico hp (blue) stuff works pretty good for street and starting.
  2. I'm not really aware of any "good" L rebuilders local. the Z Owners Of Minnesota ( ZOOM ) Facebook group may have better insight.
  3. (goldfish)

    Minnesota Bodyshop

    Could try asking on the Facebook group, much bigger audience Z Owners Of Minnesota (ZOOM) Minnesota Nissan Infinity (MNNI)
  4. (goldfish)

    Exhaust desgin

    Good really basic principles of exhaust design explained https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWTARjxiqlo
  5. (goldfish)

    Exhaust size for a 3.2L Stroker L28

    3" is not to big. Once past the headers it is really hard to go to big.
  6. (goldfish)

    Racing S130 for sale

    In my defense it was under $30k when I posted
  7. (goldfish)

    Racing S130 for sale

    Surprised this hadn't come up recently here. http://bringatrailer.com/listing/1979-datsun-280zx-3/
  8. (goldfish)

    Reconsidering my L28ET build

    Isn't Jeffp making 350+ on his junkyard short block @ 8psi? Following his documentation takes the guess work out of it. Spend the money on a really good pro port job.
  9. (goldfish)

    L28 engine - tough?

    You might want to check your water temp gauge. With no coolant it should read ambient air temp, not the ~180 of coolant. You should have seen the temp drop drastically, buiring the needle to cold.
  10. (goldfish)

    11mm vs 14mm o-ring fuel rails? Confused

    Jeff's intake isn't "stock" it's been exrudehoned. And I forget the numbers but is giving up a fair amount of flow from what his head can support, i.e. could can a fair amount of power if he changed intakes.
  11. (goldfish)

    '82 ZXT Epic Smog FAIL! (1042 HC!)

    Check the harness wires from the ECU to the sensor. Ohm them out make sure there is not to much resistance.
  12. (goldfish)

    I got Robbed...

    With that much effort it makes me think you've met them and they knew you had good stuff. Suck to hear about it.
  13. (goldfish)

    Any ways to protect myself from PayPal fraud?

    And get the USPS money order redemeed before shipping. I have heard of those being forged too.
  14. (goldfish)

    Winter in the East

    One thing not mentioned alot in the news, the more southern states it starts out as rain and freezes to ice under the snow, making it alot more slippery. Still my team in Greensboro panics over 2 snowflakes.
  15. (goldfish)

    bent frame rail

    He doesn't know what he is doing. You don't lift these cars from the floor stiffeners, they aren't made to take the weight.