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Well, I fell in love with the white Common Snapper Z car, and after looking through the gallery tab in their website I saw a picture of the white Z with 5 lug hubs and Brembo's. The picture has a label under it that says z33 caliper and rotor. Does anybody know if they sell a kit for a brake/hub swap? I haven't seen much on these guys on the forum, and a lot of the info I have found about them  leads to dead links. They also have some really nice looking Coilovers, but they are very expensive. Anybody from the states work with them before? How was shipping times and prices? How was customer service?


Thanks guys, 



z33 Caliper and Rotor.png

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Dang… I wish I would have seen this sooner. 

I got a set of front and rear Brembo calipers and 13” rotors from a 350z for free and designed brackets to mount it directly to the 240z. It’s on my IG page @ideation_z. 

I like how mine are mounted more towards the center of the car though. Did they every convert the rears too?

All four work and was easy to convert. I even still have a parking brake that I also designed a bracket for.



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