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  1. where do i get a set? how much?
  2. my buddy distributes BMD wheels in the USA. see if they can get the goods. https://bmdusa.wordpress.com/
  3. what are you doing for the main lower balljoint? same dimensions? got pics of this all setup? i really dig the concept and idea!
  4. PERFECT! thanks so much, ive been struggling with this one for a while, and when i called them, they acted like i was crazy. if they were designed right or smart, they wouldve counterbored the adapter bolt holes larger for nuts on the inside, completely opposite of what they have. if handy, would you happen to have those mcmaster part numbers? thanks again!
  5. thanks for the info can you post up some pics? would be super helpful
  6. i have this same problem, i cant figure out how you are supposed to mount the 930 cv adapter onto the differential side stubs, there is no way to tighten the nuts. my project is on backburner so i havent spent much effort on trying to sort this out how did you end up doing it? pics would be great!
  7. anyone know if Rayven14 is still making these? or have his email?
  8. If you can't get ahold of tech support to help you out, you're welcome to send the cal over to me, PM for my email. I was the project engineer behind the series 2 ecu, also wrote the help file/manual, but like I said above, tech support is really good, they should be able to walk you through it.
  9. Give tech support a call, they are actually really good.
  10. Ahh, so you just hack away and make it fit, got it. Thanks! All i needed to know, lol.
  11. Hi, so I've done extensive searches and have not come up with any real answers or pictures regarding an aftermarket radio install into a 240z dash/console. Unfortunately the Z I got, the previous owner destroyed the center console/vent area, so I'm at a lost on how you install a modern aftermarket radio into the dash. Are dash install kits avail? Would be great if pictures were posted of installed headunits. Thanks!
  12. I have that airdam and tried to fit it a couple weeks back. It fits like complete crap. I ordered a Xenon urethane one, hopefully that one will fit better, it's on backorder, so it's a few weeks out.
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