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Fuel Pump Whine, hows my fuel line routing?

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Hey guys I need some help with my fuel line routing. I've read quite a bit on what should go where but it gets confusing with so many different set-ups people run and how they choose to route things. Not a lot of diagrams out there either, without seeing it I gets confused.


So my issue is after a long 45 min+ drive the fuel pump is humming pretty darn loud. If I shut the car off and turn it back on the hum is still there. I have a mesh filter pre fuel pump which I need to open up and investigate still to make sure there's no blockages.


I drew out my fuel line routing because I don't think this is how it should be. I know my feed and return is fine but is what I have blocked off ok or should something be switched around?




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First thing to check is your pre-filter but it seems the pump would always struggle, even at startup if it's blocked or restricted. Where is your vent line going?  Could it be blocked somehow?  You might just try removing it and your gas cap next time your fuel pump starts humming again.  If it clears up then you found your problem - the tank isn't venting properly.  Open your tank to air and see if the humming goes away. 

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The pre filter was a little dirty but didn’t have any chunks of debris stuck in it. The vent line is using the smaller oem fuel hardline that runs to the front of the engine bay on the passenger side. Pretty sure it’s venting. After a whining drive session I opened the gas cap not long after shutting it down and there was hardly any pressure built up. 


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