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1983 280 ZX Turbo 90,852 Original Miles

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I found this 1983 280ZX in a building in South Carolina where had been setting since 1995.  It is an original, untouched, unmolested car with all the original interior, exterior and under hood parts.  Due to several bad storms resulting in roof collapses, the body is a mess, complete with rust holes a dented roof, etc. In my opinion, the body is far past restoring.  When it was parked it had 90,852 miles on the clock and according to it's owner, ran perfectly.  It was originally parked due to a family dispute involving his son's irresponsible driving that resulted in several traffic tickets the last one included the police knocking on their door after the ZX outran the policeman who had been chasing it.  I found out about the car several months ago and purchased it.  Parked behind the car was a 1950, short bed Ford pickup that had only suffered minor damage and was worth lot of dollars.  The owner hired a body shop the repair the pickup and they had to move the ZX in order to get to the Ford.  The body man managed to buy the 280 when he moved it out of the way of the truck.  I had to buy the ZX from the body shop.  This car is the luxury model with all the bells and whistles including power everything, t top sun roof, etc.  Most consider the 1983 ZX to be the most refined and best built of the series.  This car has an R200 differential, four wheel disc bakes,good glass, hard to find, low back leather seats that could be recovered and used or resold for good money.  I know these seats, in decent condition, are scarce as hens teeth because several month ago, I tried to find a pair for another ZX I was restoring.  The ones I did locate were in terrible condition and were very expensive.  I finally recovered the hi backs that were in the car.  Under the hood, from radiator to the firewall is untouched and in good condition.  I have not attempted to start the engine but it "turns" freely.  In order to start it for the first time, I would do several things in order to not damage the engine including fresh oil, oiling the valve train, removing the spark plugs and oiling the rings through the plug holes to free up any stuck piston rings.  In the past I have used Marvel Mystery Oil for this purpose.  When I bought the car, all it's tires were flat and would not hold air.  I replaced them with other wheels with like new, Michelin tires that have less than two thousand miles on them.  I will sell the car with the other wheels and Michelins and will include the original Iron cross wheels.  This car will make the ideal donner car and will have many parts that can be stripped and sold.  After you are done with the transplant, the junk man can have it and should pay in the neighborhood of $200 - $300 for what's left.  The car is located in North Myrtle Beach, SC.  My price is a firm at $2500.,  but I'll consider trades or partial trades, up or down.  If you have a serious interest in this car, I have many pictures that I can text to you and please call me so that I can answer your questions.  If I can't answer when you call, please leave a message with your number and I will return your call asap.  Thank you for your interest, Tom.  843  450  6512.  

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