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1978 280z, AFM or ECU problem?

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Hi everyone, I've been driving my 280z every other day. Today I took it to a shop to do some work on the exhaust. After it was done I came to pick it up. It cranked, and started, but died a few seconds after releasing the key.


I reviewed my relay wiring near the battery, it all checks out. I have an aftermarket fpr with built in gauge, pressure stays at 42 or 43 with key in ON position, non running, pressure drops to about 37 or 38 when starting and running. Tracking the problem down, I sprayed starter fluid in the AFM when the car ran before it shut off, car ran off the starter fluid. I disconnected the AFM, and it still ran with the starter fluid.


I've tried two different ecu's, same outcome. Fuel pump is working, and it has fuel pressure, my thought is something to do with the AFM? Even tho it's a rebuilt unit?

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Sounds like your injectors aren't opening.  No fuel.  Apparently you have spark since it runs with starting fluid.  That might be the blue wire to Pin 1 at the ECU, or it could be a bad ECU.  But the AFM is not part of the process.  Could also be that you've lost power to the EFI system and/or injectors.  Use a meter to check for voltage at the injectors and at the ECU. 


If you've lost power check your fusible links.  The shop might have knocked the EFI link loose if they disconnected the battery, it's connected directly tho the positive post.  They might also have switched the fusible link connector with the EFI ground connector.  They look the same at the battery.  That would be bad.

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