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Solid rear axle questions


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Hello everyone, new member here.  Just bought a solid 1976 280z roller and planning to do forced induction LS/t56 restomod.  I had a question about the rear axle.  I want to run a solid rear, probably a Ford 9" with a 4 link setup.  I don't really care about the handling, just want a bulletproof setup.  I know this has been done before, mostly in drag cars.   I looked around to see if any vendors offered a 4 link setup for the S30, but couldn't find anything.  So I am assuming I will have to adapt a universal kit.  Has anyone done this?  


Specific questions:

1) does anyone sell a 4 link for this car?

2) has anyone had luck adapting a 4 link kit?

3) I understand there will be fabrication required, but would like to avoid backhalf/ tube frame

4) does a solid axle require notching of the frame rails to allow for stock or lower ride height?

5) pics of solid axle setups?

6) other considerations?



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Unless you have your heart set on a solid rear end, there's actually a few options for Ford IRS rear end conversions.  ZCarDepot makes a kit; there's a guy here building a kit (InvincibleExtremes), and Apex Engineering is planning to release a kit in the near future.


If you're definitely set on a 4 link setup, you should check out some of the builds on FB "Swapped S30 Owners Group".


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Thanks for your comments.  After reading that many people were still searching/designing a great IRS solution, it really cemented my thought of a solid axle.  


Too bad the swapped owners group is on Facebook.  I don't have Facebook and don't want it.  Any of those guys on this site?

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