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It fit! Engine is on its front mounts.

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A young man comes to our little hobby farm about once a month to help with chores that my wife and I have fallen behind on or stuff that takes a lot of muscle-power (such as digging up burst sprinkler lines). He was here yesterday, I had finally finished wiring for the V8 (wiring hell, it was), and I realized with his help I might get the engine and transmission into the car. Finally.


Our first attempt was a bust. My hoist could not get the engine close enough to the mounts. So, while he went about other chores, I lengthened the arm and removed the hood hinges and the torsion bars that were interfering with the hoist. And I pulled off the lower panel of the front valance, which was also holding back the hoist. Then we tried again. There was still a little shortfall, but with some mighty pushing, we got the engine in and bolts into the front mounts. Whew! I feel great, even though there is still a mountain of little chores before this old Z will once more be on the road. Here are a few photos.







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