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New Datsun Scarab Book


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“Resurrecting the Legend – The Real Datsun Scarab Story,” is a meticulously researched 104 page book documenting the history of the Scarab Engineering Company and its cars from 1975-81. Over the years there have been many myths perpetrated that are addressed and refuted in the book. The book is based on personal interviews with the company’s founders and employees, all of whom had gone underground more than 35 years ago. The development of Brian Morrow’s very first Scarab is chronicled as well as the events at each of the three shop locations, leading up to the company finally being sold. With nearly 90 color photographs and illustrations, the book defines what a Scarab is and its roll in automotive history. By the mid-1970s, domestic muscle car performance had been emasculated, and by association so had the egos of their drivers. The Scarab was so much more than a Datsun Z-car with a transplanted Chevrolet V8 engine: it was a completely re-engineered automobile, with each system and component carefully considered, improved or replaced, to realize Morrow’s goal of creating a well-balanced machine capable of shaming all comers. Road Test magazine said it best when it wrote, “Subtle as a chain-link jock strap, the Scarab will not only blow 99 percent of the cars on the road in the weeds, it’ll do it in style.”        


Books are available for $35 with free shipping to the lower 48 states by PayPal at parallax.randy.lewis@gmail.com







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I should have also mentioned that a very limited number of hard cover editions of the book were also printed. The hardcover versions were intended for Scarab owners as a companion to their cars. Brian Morrow has about 20 copies left and would be happy to sign them for anyone interested. Unfortunately, because of the small print quantity, the printing cost was quite high. These are available at his cost of $100 each to anyone interested in a collectible for their Z library. Books come shrink wrapped (unless you'd like them signed) and have a paper jacket wrapped over a black cloth cover with gold foil stamping on the cover and spine.



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Is it still actual? I'd like to purchase the book. Should I contact you by this mail parallax.randy.lewis@gmail.com ? I love reading and writing, and I think that your book would look great in my collection. I have recently read "a raisin in the sun", and it was great. I have even found some great essay ideas and stuff like this on an interesting site, click for more if you want. However, now I want to read something more informative, and I think that your documental book is just perfect for that. Please let me know how can I get the book

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FYI for @dorothytaylor61jy (and anyone else interested in this)....if you're unable to contact @Randalla here on HBZ, he also sells the book on eBay.  I just bought it there and had immediate communication from him regarding the sale and shipping info.




Excited to read it!

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