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PLS Help! 16x9 with 0 Offset or -15 Offset for the rear?

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Hello all, 1st post on this forum :)

Picked up myself a 1976 280z and looking at getting new wheels and tires.

Decided on Rota Grids V, 16x8 with 0 offset for the fronts and 16x9 for the rears.

Slightly lowered but otherwise stock suspension at the moment...

I've searched and 16x8 with 0 offset clears rears and barely fronts (strut side).

So apparently rears have more room between inner wheel edge and the strut, would I be able to get away with 16x9 with 0 offset, or I have to run -15 Offset?

Prefer to go with 0 offset wheel so I don't have to massage wheel arches much.

Any help will be much appreciated, have a wonderful day!

Thanks, Paul


Found it, for anyone else looking for this - YES, 16x9 with 0 offset will fit 280z rear (with stock struts)

Post by m1ghtymaxXx in the attachment below has an answer!


Will 15x9 -10 wheels fit 280z - The Tool Shed - HybridZ.mht

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Found an answer!
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Welcome to the forums, 


Looks like you posted in the FAQ section, this section does not allow for responses, so please take a moment to make sure you are posting in the correct section if you would like to see a response. Take a moment to peruse the rules, read up on some of the announcements and I hope you enjoy your stay!


The link you mentioned for others to find



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