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*** Reunited with my 280z after eight years ***

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   I couldn't be any happier to announce that I have my 1978 Datsun 280z back in my possession after all these years. Way back when I was only eighteen years old, I had an amazing cousin that introduced me to Datsun's and specifically the S30 Series. At the time he owed a couple Z's. One with an LS swap and the other with a turbo kit. Once I experienced the awesomeness that these vehicles could put out, I was hooked! Just like that, I made my mind up that I had to have one. With my cousins help of course, we were able to pick up my 280z fairly quick. Happy to say that I got in a good couple years with the Z being my daily driver. During this time I began to go down a very dark path. Unfortunately the Z was not my priority during my "dark years". This lead to my car sitting at my dads for a good 6 to 7 years. Now that I am in a much better place in life, I was able to get the Z back in my possession. I decided that it would be best for the car to go straight to the shop and get some professional help. I have never claimed to be the best mechanic, so this seemed to be the best option. Unfortunately the shop had the car for close to a year. I have now paid a LARGE amount to get the car up and running like a top!! Now that I have the car back home I would like to start working on it myself. Again, I have always had help with the car so I feel very unworthy at the moment lol. This is where I would like your help. I will post all the pictures I have, in hopes that you all can point me in the right direction. Honestly I do not have many funds after paying for the shop bill, so I want to make it a point to do all the work myself that I can possibly handle. I have only had the car back for a few days now so I haven't been able to tag it due to the COVID mess going on. From the little bit I have been able to drive it, all seems to be running well! I do think that the next step I take will be upgrading the suspension and steering. Just from the couple short trips I have taken on the Z, its very obvious that the suspension is in need of some love. Happy that you all are here with your expert advice! Look forward to the responses to come!   



KENYON 6.jpg

KENYON 5.jpg

KENYON 4.jpg

KENYON 3.jpg

KENYON 2.jpg

KENYON 1.jpg

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