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Body Lines, Gaps and Dimensions

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Looking to see if anyone can grab some dimensions for me.

-need a dimension from the red line on the door to the yellow body line, from the looks of it when the panel was replaced on this car the body line was moved down.

-need a dimension from the yellow body line to the bottom of the rocker panel green body line.

-need a dimension from the read body line to the blue circle, want to see how far off the bumper bolts were placed.



Another thing is when people are placing there body panels on the car and trying to get half decent panel gaps are they temporarily installing the weather stripping? or is there another way of doing this? 

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Okay,  some of these measurements are tough because you are on your knees with your head almost upside down to see them, also there is the curve of the rocker to eyeball.  I think you should get these measurements from at least 2 other guys and maybe average them.

Here's what I got, red line to yellow line 14 7/8th",  yellow line to green line, 5 1/2", red line to the actual hole in the panel where the bumper bolt goes through on a 1972 Z, 9 3/4"

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