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Looking for a mag sytle lug nut with a short collar


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And a 17mm diameter shank.


have Western wheels with removable spokes in the stock size (14 x 6-ish). When buttoning everything back up from my brake job, I noticed one of my lug nuts wasn't round at the base anymore. All the lugs are fine, as I was able to thread a lug nut on all studs as a test. Trying to find a mag style lug nut with a short collar is easier said than done. Some paper napkin measuring shows I have about 10 mm from the wheel face to the outside of the hub. Current lug nuts have about 3mm of collar below the washer. They are the stock M12 x 1.25 thread


The wheels;



And this is the lug nut I'm trying to replace (21mm socket, 34mm long);




As long as I can get something that fits in the 17mm lug stud hole, I'll be good.  I can double up on some washers on the shank if need be.  


On an unrelated note, how much of a job would it be to get the holes on the wheels enlarged to accommodate the 18mm shank on every lug nut on the internet?

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Gorilla has good stuff on their site and seems to make a good product.  You can find them in the auto parts stores, on the shelf.


Read this page and you'll see that hole size is not the issue.  Yours have a specific seat style.  Wheels either locate through the seat, or by the shank.  Shanks require a precision hole.  The others require a precision seat.



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