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Password reset... troubles


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This is "Michael" - in case that my user name isn't appearing. 


The other day my browser suddenly closed, logging me out of this (and other) sites.  Upon refreshing the browser, I could not log in. The password that I'd been using, was not accepted.  No problem... appeal for a refresh, via e-mail.  ... except that that isn't working.  I've been trying every few hours, for a couple of days now... and still no e-mail (not in spam either).


Is there an alternative way of recovering my password?



p.s. When I use the e-mail address to generate this posting, the system rejects it, stating that said e-mail is already in use by another member!  That's indication that the e-mail for Michael (the real me!) is correct.  Odd...

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Hey Michael I feel like I should pseudo-apologize.  I am not a real moderator.  One of the real ones (RTz) gave me the "clandestine" title a few years ago because I like to get involved and help solve problems.  But, I don't have any real power, and your message won't reach me.


But, your message should reach SuperDan and I think that he is safe with your email address.  


p.s. my post "what is your email address?" was directed at SuperDan, since he didn't supply it.  At this point there is no way to communicate with anyone on the site except through posts on the main forums.  No messaging allowed.  The site is having some problems.

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