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JR19 Wheel Size Help

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On 9/20/2021 at 2:46 AM, ETI2K said:

Do you know the offset on your wheels?  Has your car been lowered?  Are you running negative camber on rear?

Great looking car, too!

I used these general ranges and ended up with about 1.1 negative camber on all four corners, yes the car is lowered a good amount as it sits about 4 to 4.5 inches off the ground.  The front wheels are +13 with 5" backspace, lip size 2.125", the rear wheels are the same:


      Front, Toe: 1/16” to 3/32” in 

      Camber: 0 to 1 negative with 1 being preferred

      Caster: 4 to 6 positive. The actual number between 4 and 6 is not important, only that both sides are the same 


       Rear Toe: 1/16” in Camber: 0 to 1 negative with 1 being preferred


The best is rent or find a shop that has the offset wheel measuring tool as every brand of coil overs, springs, and cars are a little different.  I had the stock fenders rolled to ensure that there were no sharp edges or rubbing.  To me it is weird to hack up a Z and just run 245 or smaller tires; I do like flared Z cars and own an extremely flared Z with 345's and 285's, but when you flare it to me it should be to put much wider wheel than you can with a stock body.  Yes you need to spend some money for coil overs, rolling the fenders to maximize the tire width but that will make the car handle better anyways and yes custom offset wheels are needed but to me better than cutting the car up spending money on flares, paint and body to just put the same size you can without flares.

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Great detailed info. 

I agree that if you cut and flare, it should be for more rubber on the ground.  I like the look of flares and wider tires as well, but not the bolt-ons. 

I'd do it during my current build, but I have two new factory fenders and I just can't bring myself to cut them up.

Thanks for the update.

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