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Belt driven screw supercharger with intercooler project

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Hi everyone,


I am working on a new project. I have created a way to install a belt driven screw type supercharger and intercooler onto a L28 engine while using a off the shelf exhaust header.

I searched this forum but found nothing about doing this the way I have come up with.

It involves building a custom intake manifold and intercooler but it should work just fine.


I have some tech help from some friends and I have the design done. I just need to get the intake manifold completed. That’s my biggest concern so if it physically fits I’ll move forward with the fuel injection, ignition, etc. 


Have any of you ever done this before? Any success? I looked at turbos but it seems that whenever someone mentions forced induction they automatically go right to a turbocharger. I’ve always done things a little differently and want something unique so I’m doing things my way.


I’ll try to post progress here, including any photos I take, but I’m a busy guy so it may take me some time. 




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