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JCI mounts - clutch replacement

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This is Toolman,   I just removed my T56 transmission from a crate LS3 motor last week from under the 240z on jack stands.   Jag that Run has their motors mounts.  very forward on the LS motors like my mounts( check out my recent posts).    I put a floor jack under the rear of the LS oil pan to prevent the motor from smashing the brake lines on the firewall.    This engine setback lets very little room for trans removal though.   I used long 3/8 extensions

with 12mm or 14 mm swivel sockets to loosen trans bolts.   I removed the LS intake manifold because the plastic PCV valve was real close to the firewall.   Also. there is only ten 8mm bolts holding the intake manifold.   Installing the T56 transmission from under the car will be tricky.   I borrowed a old floor transmission jack and will use two aligning studs to make the job easier too.   Since the transmission is out, I am going to test the hydraulic clutch by adding additional 36" of 3AN line to test everything is working under pressure before reinstalling motor and trans into the car.   I will use the borescope to see if the clutch is working OK.  Some people will think it is a waste of time but I rather not take the chance of the clutch slave leaking.


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On 3/1/2021 at 3:57 AM, Boy from Oz said:

Also known as Jags that Run and Broken Kitty.


One clarification...IINM, JCI and JTR have no professional affiliation with each other. 


Mike Knell is the owner/operator of JTR (aka "Stealth Conversions") in CA; whereas JCI (aka "Broken Kitty") is owned by John Ruskin in Dallas, TX.


I *think* JCI used to offer conversion kits for a SBC into an S30; but now only offers kits for an LS-swap.  JTR seems to be one of the few vendors that still provides SBC-swap kits and hardware.

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Sorry about the JTR and JCI info. I was some time ago and I got the info a bit confused.


I figured I was too old the try laying on my back and juggling a transmission on my chest and knees, so a mechanic friend did it at his workshop.


Absolutely no dramas. He removed the transmission first and then the bell-housing.


Had to replace the flywheel, clutch and pressure plates, and slave cylinder as a complete package.


He had trouble bleeding the system so I have the car back home and will fit a new M/C when one arrives.

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On 3/20/2021 at 8:37 AM, jhm said:

Mike Knell is the owner/operator of JTR (aka "Stealth Conversions") in CA; whereas JCI (aka "Broken Kitty") is owned by John Ruskin in Dallas, TX.

Actually, JCI is owned by John Radevich, not Ruskin, at 800 Jaguar Lane, Dallas, TX.  The "Broken Kitty" is his website:  www.brokenkitty.com

I own the car John used to develop the kit he sells now.  My car has been on the road since June of 2003 and I have had no issues with his components.  One point, however.

He equipped my car with a torque tube set-up between the T56 and R200 but the kits have a transverse mount for the transmission and the differential maintains it's front mount.


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