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Rb25DET in 280zx - Must I replace the solid fuel lines? + other questions

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Hi all


I'm fitting a RB25DET NEO into my S130 280ZX.


I have the bare engine and box, no mounts or wiring harness etc. 


I'm planning on squeezing around 400-450hp out without opening the motor. 


First question:

- Do I need to replace the solid fuel lines with larger ones or do i just replace the rubber hoses with larger ones? (I'm using the stock tank with a bosch in-line fuel pump)


I have seen mention that the RB drops into the ZX using the stock mounts (not sure if it meant stock RB mounts or stock L28 mounts). Either way, from what I see, the stock L28 mounts wont work. I have a mechanic friend stopping by tomorrow and we will place the engine in the bay to see what needs to be done.


WRT gearbox mounts, any advice there? I have the stock bits off the L28. Can any of that be reused? 

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