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Joe's 1972 240Z adventure

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On 6/25/2021 at 8:29 AM, 57GMC said:

Looking really good Joe, that is super.  You are doing it the way I would.  It looks clean and factory...  Got to love the blue block, orange air-cleaner with lots of aluminum framed in white..  Keep it up..



I was thinking about using a different air cleaner setup, but I can just as easily keep the stocker.  it's really in good shape.  They are kind of hard to take off, not much room. :)

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Aircleaner wise you can go back and forth.  Go with what "YOU" want and if you don't like it change it back..  I love the white but....................  I would look hard at making it have a little race look..  Thinking BRE or something SSS....  Just my two cents...  Not going over board but giving it some flavor....  And maybe some Minilites... Just the angled side stripes...


Image result for image bre datsun 240

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After several days of work, I managed to get the passenger side engine compartment wall finished and painted.  I used automotive paint in aerosol cans mixed in the factory 904 Datsun "Kilimanjaro white".  Yep.  Expensive, but I wanted the engine compartment car color as that's the way they came from the factory.  At the battery box area, some scarring bled through the color.  That is the All Metal I used.  I was using 60 grit paper to form it.  When it dries it is as hard as concrete, hence using 60 grit to form it.  Tough work!  At any rate, to hide the little bit of filler scars that are showing and make it look good, I will mask off a section under the battery and down a bit and spray on some bed liner.  It would be cool if I can paint over the bedliner...if not, I can still make it look good.  A Lot of work fixing this side......MANY years of being subjected to a leaky battery apparently.  The other side is leaky brake master cylinder....:( Oh well, forward momentum continues.  Here are some pics.  First is in sealing primer, the rest in factory white with clear coats over it. :)

1 Sealing primer.JPG

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I am using the factory exhaust manifold.  It is a 3 into 2 setup.  The exhaust bolts up to it as 2 pipes for about 1-2 foot, then collects into one.  I'm going to paint it flat black with the high heat paint.  I looked into headers but they said "for manual transmission only", so I decided I would keep the cool factory setup. :)

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July 2. I got the rest of the engine compartment painted today. When you are sanding around pieces, it takes a lot of time and effort. Then you take rope and pull them back from the area to paint. When dry, then you can clean up the stuff, release the rope and bolt it back down. At any rate, here are some pic of the engine compartment in fresh Datsun 904 Kilimanjaro White.. I got the engine painted and the engine bay painted....not too bad for having the car 11 days huh? 🙂

7 Eng compartment painted 6.JPG

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