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Running high impedance injectors with stock ecm


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Hi been a while since I've posted on here. I just bought a 1984 maxima wagon. It has the l24e in it. The efi system is the same as a 81-83 280zx. The person I bought it from works for deatschwerks. He was trying to get it running and the injectors where stuck. So he threw a set on he got free from work for a vanagon. They are high impedance though. 

I've got it running at idle ok but does not drive. Anybody have any experience on this.  I know it's a long shot and I will be switching to speeduino but I'm just trying to get it going the way it is. 




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2 hours ago, jeffer949 said:

I've got it running at idle ok but does not drive.

What does it do?  "does not drive" does not tell much.


I've used high impedance injectors with a 1976 280Z ECU.  The problem is probably not the injectors.  Did he adjust some other things while he was trying to get it running?



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What I mean by wont drive is if you give it gas under load it stumbles and coughs. In park you can get it to rev up decently but only if you slowly apply throttle. 


Yes the Levi oi us owner has messed with all kinds of things. Chts ohms out correctly and so does the maf. He had all emissions stuff take off the intake manifold but I've put it all back on correctly I believe. 

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15 hours ago, jeffer949 said:

the maf.


Nissan calls it an air flow meter.  AFM.  Might be that it's running a bit lean.  You can try the coolant temperature sensor adjustment, it works well to cure popping back and bucking on the 280Z's.  Linked it below.  Don't adjust the AFM.


You haven't mentioned fuel pressure or vacuum leaks.  Always good to look there.  Even an open PCV system will cause a big vacuum leak.  People put those little filters on the valve cover without understanding the PCV system.  All air must pass through the AFM.



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