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Wire routing to headlights

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Does anyone have a picture(s) of how the headlight wires enter into the sugar scoop to connect to the headlight?  I'm assuming the wires normally come from the engine compartment?  How do the get to the area behind the headlight?  I found a very basic sketch but it isn't that helpful.  I am rewiring my car (1976 280z) from scratch and can do it any way I want.  Looking for the cleanest install.  I'm currently planning on running wires through the passenger fresh air duct and could cut at the engine compartment opening of the duct (orange circle) and install a weathertight grommet but not sure I love that and also that doesn't help me for the drivers side.









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Hey fusion,


I'm also rewiring my car and saw your post and decided to try something like it. I removed the fresh air vent thing on the passenger side. From there I ran a fiberglass wire snake through and it ended up coming out right in front of the inspection light. I don't have pics of the interior side of what I did but that should be pretty self explanatory. 


I'm using Delphi/ aptiv metri-pack 280 series connectors, and when I was testing things out I was able to fit a 5 pin connector through the cavity, but it took some doing. I ended up only needing a bunch of 3 and 2 pin connector, so routing them wasn't too difficult, but I was careful to stagger the connectors off the main loom, and used plenty of tape to get it to all fish through. Overall it looks pretty nice, still need to sleeve it all and figure out grommets. 


Imo it's worth the time if you are rewiring. Doesn't take much more time, cleans up the engine bay and is probably a more reliable set up than having them sit on the frame rail



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