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  1. no modifications are needed for the injectors to fit into the plenum. Like Enginerd81 said, a fuel rail from pallnet is all that is needed. iirc, the 240sx tb works with stock linkage but will require the spacer. and if im not mistaken, you do not need the spacer if converting to cable
  2. I sure think so! Hybridz continues to be a site i visit daily. Now that i think about it its been 10+ years that ive been hitting that "unread content" button. lol Happy Birthday Hybridz!
  3. After looking at those photos, I'm going to agree with Jmortensen
  4. What's the underside look like? Your hood may need some reinforcing. To me it looks like it's cracking from opening and closing that hood. It's pivot point is causing that sorta crack
  5. I am using an identical transmission & from what ive also gathered, I believe it to be the "close ratio". I found this thread
  6. @juxsa just that part. You'll be fitting that part into the original s30 housing. Hope that helps
  7. Years ago, you & the forum helped me get this setup initially & I really appreciate your willingness to help again. Since then I decided to rebuild the motor & add a new cam. Its been so long that I had to make any changes to the configuration that i just cant make sense of it hahaha. I also want to confirm that im using V500 not a v550 even though am following the instructions per the v550 manual. The v550 follows the same wiring diagrams as the v500 , so I am assuming that the initial setup's would be identical. Ive never had success with my '0' point on cylind
  8. " The “0” point is the first tooth the Wolf ECU uses as an event. This may not always be on cylinder 1. It can vary depending on manufacture and modifications made to the engine. " Thats directly out the manual. I'm going to play around with it again this weekend ill update with my results.
  9. Thanks for the reply Ross. I should try to clarify. My Injection is setup 1 to 1, 2 to 2 , 3 to 3 etc.. BUT my Ignition is setup in firing order Coil 1 to Cyl 1. Coil 2 to Cylinder 5. If im understanding it correct, my ign should be setup as 0,1,2,3,4,5 & my INJ would look like 0,4,2,5,1,3 but that wont work cause my '0' point is on cylinder 4. So im coming up with a sequence that looks more like 3,4,5,0,1,2 for IGN and 5,1,3, 0, 2,4 ^^^ those numbers to me seem to be correct....but wolf then goes to say that you would fire
  10. Hey guys, Im having a whole lot of trouble trying to get the sequence correct on my L28. Ive successfully confused myself to the point where all the numbers mesh together. I think the reason for my confusion is the how the channels are wired up. CoilPacks are wired in Firing Order. eg. coil 1 - cyl 1 , coil 2 -cyl 5, coil 3-cyl 3, coil4 - cyl 6, etc. Injectors are wired in Cylinder Order eg. Inj 1 - Cyl 1, Inj 2 - Cy l2, Inj 3 - Cyl 3, Inj 4 - Cyl 4, etc. Currently I have my sequence as follows. Ignition 1 Pulse Offset : 3 Ignitio
  11. I was also trying to reach that page, I too am experiencing too many redirects. There is some very good information in that thread, please restore if possible!
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    Random shots of my Z in progress
  13. Still here.. still lurking..I hope to someday contribute something useful that hasn't been already addressed here. Thanks HybridZ
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