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Turbo Distributor Positioning


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After a long time of not touching this thing I'm trying to get back to it and actually get this car running well. While I prepare to get my MS setup installed I saw a post by Chickenman about phasing the distributor rotor so I decided I should do that as I build my harness. I've never had an issue with being able to set and adjust timing with a light and a distributor, but I figured I should check the alignment of the shaft. This is an 83' Turbo motor. It was pulled apart and freshened up when swapped into my 76' Z.


So I'm trying to figure out what the actual positioning of the distributor shaft is when the motor is at TDC. I've seen so many posts, different things being said for the alignment, etc.


I have the timing mark lined up with 0* TDC, I've verified the cam lobes for cylinder 1 are both pointed up.





My Shaft:



I saw another post by Chickenman which had a picture looking just like mine. I'm thinking I'm fine since my shaft matches the drawing in the FSM, but I figured I'll ask here and see what the consensus is.

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I figured I was probably good to go, but is there any reason why there's so many different posts and guides telling you to have the distributor shaft inline with the distributor mounting holes? Even in the older FSM with the 11:25 positioning, the picture still looks pretty similar.


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