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370z breaks on my 240z good enough?

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im in the process of restomodding my 1971 240z.


I am upgrading the suspension and changing to 5 bolt pattern to support 370z breaks and 17 inch tires.


I also have a wide body kit to go more aggressive on tire width.


my question is are stock 370z breaks good enough for track days? ( I’ll upgrade the fluid and pads to be high performance)


Or do I need to upgrade the breaks further.


the car will be 450-500hp at the crank (ls3)


please let me know your thoughts.


thank you

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I would say so, with the addition of the right pads and fluid (as you are already planning). 


Many of the 370s I see at the track are running stock brakes; but most have switched out to a better pad (e.g. Porterfield, Carbotech, etc) and a good high-temp synthetic fluid.  Keep in the mind that the 370Z weighs close to 1000 lbs more than your 240.  I ran the stock brakes on my car for track days a couple of years before upgrading....when upgraded with better pads/shoes/lines/fluid, the stock system is quite capable & well-balanced.  So you should be in good shape with your upgrades, assuming they've been implemented correctly.

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