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Electric fan install not working.


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Basically, i had bought an electric 16” hayden fan for my 1981 280zx and wired it exaclty how it said to wire it lt.

however, when i started the car, the fan didnt spin and my radiator overheated quick.


In the disgram this is how it said each wire is to be connected

wire from fan to ground

wire from fan to relay 

wire from relay to fuze to batt 

wire from relay to ground

wire from relay to 12v constant

wire from relay to thermostat probe sensor

wire from relay to a/c


Did all these correctly, since most of them are generally pretfy self explanatory. 
the constsntly live wire from the relay i connected to my washer motor underneath my washer res.

have i done anything wrong as to why it may not be working?


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Kind of hard to understand the situation without the actual wiring diagram you’re using…but I’ll give it a shot.  
Is your “constsntly live wire” supposed to be connected to unswitched 12V?  If so, your windshield wiper washer motor is not a good source— that’s a switched circuit, as Bradman pointed out.  (However, it should still be providing 12V to the relay once the car is running, so I don’t know if that’s really the root of your problem.). I suspect your problem may be the relay.  How many pins does it have, and was it provided as part of the fan kit?

Finally, have you tested the fan by connecting directly to 12V just to ensure that it’s operating properly? 

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