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Recaro LX-B into 73 240z. Brackets/sliders? Help!


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At electrodyne, we sold the recaro brackets and I remember instructions to use passenger side rails on drivers side and vice versa.   

I'm sure it's written down since I remember reading it from a recaro catalog.


Now this information is from 1986 so...................


I figure by now that others have products to fill the niche.

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10 hours ago, Zetsaz said:

Am I reading this correctly?

Despite being on adapters and worn out OEM seats you were able to get about 2in of extra head clearance?


Yep, the portion most of your weight rests on is lower in the Recaros. My recaros were rebuilt, so the webbing is still taught. I'll get some measurement with myself sitting in the recaro vs the factory seat this weekend. 

Mind you, this is with the plastic seat spacers in place(2 iirc, can't recall the thickness) with the factory seat and none with the recaro. 


The only downside to the seats is they're deeper so you can't get them quite as far back. I'll measure that distance this weekend too.

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