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Poly tank from Vintage Tank Solutions install discussion.


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I purchased one of their new poly tanks for my 240 that are designed to accept an in tank pump. I thought before I hacked into it I would start a thread to kick around some ideas.


Here is my list of areas I want to address:


In tank pump. I already have that figured out. I purchased a Tanks Inc. Fuel Pump Assembly Plates GPA-A which will accept my current Walbro pump that resides in my current swirl pot.


I haven’t settled in yet on what exact pickup arrangement I want to use and would welcome any suggestions. I’m not auto crossing just spirited public street driving. The stock Walbro pickup may be fine.


Venting to handle fuel consumption and fumes. I found a previous thread


where AydinZ71 mentions using a double check valve arrangement from Mcmaster Carr that allows fumes to escape but still allows air in. I plan on using this method.


Fuel level sender that will play nicely with my Speed Hut fuel gauge. This is one of the main reasons I’m switching to this tank. The stock sender just sucks with their gauge. They sell a universal lever style


but I’m not crazy about staying with a lever type sender. There are a variety of 240-33 ohm straight tube senders available. Tanks Inc. sells one just not sure about the quality. Again I would welcome any feedback on this.


Venting for filling. This is an area that has vexed me for quite a while. My problem is if I fill the tank in the morning when it’s cool out and drive right to the shop as the Florida day heats up there is enough expansion in the tank that it pushes raw fuel all the way through my expansion tank and it starts dripping out of my open air vent line. The first time it happened I pulled the gas cap and raw fuel came gushing out.  I’m pretty much convinced that there is air trapped in the left side of the tank when filling and in fact on my 73 there is a 5/8 diameter ish nipple on the left side of the tank that I had blocked off years ago. It’s there for a reason and I think that’s the reason. Not sure how to solve that with the poly tank since there is no provision for a tube and there is no way to get a bulkhead fitting in there.  The second vent is at the top of the tank and feeds into the fill neck to allow air to escape while filling. I Imagine it should be pretty easy to install a bulkhead fitting and hose when I cut the tank to install the pump.


Drain plug.

If I’m switching to an in tank pump I really would like to have the ability to drain the tank easily. Here again I’m thinking bulkhead fitting.


That's about all I have at the moment.



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