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K24 Engine/Parts weight - Definitive

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Since the reply button/box is MIA in the general engine/trans weight thread, I figured I'd just start a new topic and let an admin move the post if they wanted.


I recently picked up a K24A2. It's an early TSX engine with a RBB-2 head, not the later TSX K24A2. I picked up crane scale that's (in my opinion) accurate enough for what we're working with. It has a limit of 660lbs and is supposed to be accurate +/- 0.1%. I started with the engine as delivered and pulled off parts at a time cataloging the weights as I went.


My "linkage" weight was 0.31lbs, but I still tared it out.



The engine as it sits in our starting point has known to be REMOVED:

exhaust manifold, up pipe post throttle to air box, exhaust side engine mount (is there one?)

The engine as it sits in our start point still HAS:

Flex plate (auto trans car), AC/PS, Alt, Water Pump, intake manifold, DBW Throttle, Wiring Harness, Starter, and Oil (yes, came wet).


It didn't gush any coolant, but considering it had oil I'm sure it would probably leak some coolant if I tipped it on an engine stand.



First for removal was the power steering pump (and belt):



That puts the PS pump at 6.4 lbs


Next was the AC Compressor:



That puts the AC compressor at a chunky 13.7 lbs


Next was the tensioner:



Puts the tensioner at 2.4 lbs


Next was the wiring harness:



Puts the wiring at 5.5lbs


Next up was the alternator:



Puts the alternator at 12.3 lbs


Next up was a bunch of rubber hoses (vacuum and coolant) that were basically just in the way. Figured I'd include them as a step as to not throw off the weight of the next part:



Puts us around 0.9lbs in hoses


Next up was the DBW throttle (bolts were put back onto the intake manifold, this is just the dbw throttle):



Puts us at 2.9lbs for the throttle body


Next up was the "upper" intake (which I find ironic since it's physically lower) manifold half:



Puts us a 6.8lbs for the upper intake manifold


Next up is the starter (and some wiring attached that goes from the alternator and starter to the main fuse/relay section of the chassis wiring I guess):



Puts us at 8.2 lbs for starter and wiring


Next up is fuel rail and injectors:



Puts us at 1.1 lbs for injectors and wiring (one tip stayed in the manifold, sorry. probably not much weight there)


Next up was the lower intake manifold:



Puts us at 9lbs for the lower intake manifold


Next up is the oil still in the pan:



Puts us at 6.2 lbs of oil I removed, which equates to around 3.4 quarts, so since these are generally around a 5-5.5 quart engine you could add another 5lbs to the initial wet weight to make it more accurate for a full wet weight.



So what's still on the engine:

Flex Plate

Front engine mount

Intake side engine Mount

There's a bracket for the PS I haven't removed

Water Pump

Thermostat Housing

Rear head coolant block

Various Sensors/Solenoids (VTEC, VTC and more for example)


Spark Plugs


A few random brackets



There's probably another 5lbs of stuff from above that has yet to come off that is unlikely to go back on, though not everything that's going back on I can guarantee will be lighter than the OEM parts that came off. As such I'll likely weight again once it's ready to run.


And thus there you go. What does a K24 weight? Somewhere between 240 and 320 based upon what the hell you're talking about.


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Spent some of my lunch break today in the garage.


Front engine mount (now front, RWD orientation): 2.8 lbs



Driver's side engine mount bracket: 2 lbs



Cylinder head rear coolant bypass (plus a solenoid I likely need to put back on at some point): 2.9 lbs



Power Steering Pump bracket: 1.1 lbs (boy did I think that was going to be heavier since it looked like a chunk of iron)



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Posted (edited)

Edit: Derp, didn't realize this is an engine weights thread.

Nice to see another K swap Z coming. I'll have a huge write up in 2ish weeks once mine is running. I'm also obsessing over weight and have been cataloging absolutely everything which will be put in a spreadsheet and shared along with a list of every part I used.

PS, that last pic is the AC compressor bracket. PS pump is on top above the tensioner.


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Got my AP1 trans on the scale. Didn't zero tare weight but that's sub 0.5lb from my previous measurements.


Weight is wet, with shifter.

104.87 or call it 104 if you want to over-weigh the strap. These only take a very small amount of fluid, so very similar dry vs wet weight (1.4qt iirc off the top of my head)


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