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240Z Electric Conversion Options

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First off, sorry if this is in the wrong sub, it’s been 15+ years since I’ve been active here and not sure where this fits since it’s more than just motors/drivetrain. 

I have a Ford 5.0L Z that I got running, but never reliably, and am now looking to turn attention back to it since there’s a lot of good work on it (photos attached). 

What I am thinking to do is go electric and could use some feedback and thoughts from those who have either done this or thought about it. 

My desires:

- Minimal hacking to subframe/body, keeping it longitudinal mount with the existing rear end (R200 3.7 CLSD) or swapping to a transverse setup only if there was something obvious/simple. 
- Target 50-65 kWh of battery and 225 kW or more (300hp to 450hp would be the sweet spot). 
- Try and keep the build under $20k and weight added under +200lbs vs current setup (Ford V8, T5, gas tank)

- 120mph top speed or more

These are the options that seem to be coming up highest on my list for motors:


1. Use the Lexus GS450H transmission. My understanding is this is 225 kW rated and can be bought for about $1500. Downside is the weight of the transmission is 250lbs+ and the gearing is a 2.29:1 with a 10,300rpm max. With my setup that would be around a 92mph top speed. This setup would also require welding MG1 and some other complexities. 

2. Use a Cascadia Motion IM-225DX-D and Torque Trends 1.9:1 reducer. This setup would get 225 kW and a 128mph top speed, but the motor is $14k MSRP and the gear box another $4k. I’ve found a wholesale motor/inverter for $5k but it wouldn’t be warranted. This setup seems objectively better than the Lexus setup but is a minimum $9k to just get going period. 

Any thoughts for motors?


For batteries:


I am thinking either to go with:


1. VW ID4 12S modules with 9 of them which is about 400 volts total and 61.2 kWh. The modules are relatively cheap around $750/ea but they are LG Chem cells and those packs have always been surrounded with the possibility of recall and fire. I am not sure how to do the BMS at all, and the interactions with the VCU/inverter so that’s another issue. 

2. Kore Power modules which are available in a 4S configuration. I would do 26 or so of them with chiller plates. Downside is cost close to $16k for the batteries, benefit is that there are integrations already for these packs and they’re meant to be used for kits. 

3. Do something with Tesla packs or other…


Any thoughts on batteries?


Thanks for the input!



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I know nothing about EV conversion. I think there will be more "kits" in the future for somewhat generic conversions.  Kind of like crate engines. Gonna be a huge market someday. Hard for a hot rodder to ignore 1000 reliable HP. 


But I wish you luck and will follow to learn.

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