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Regional forum development?


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hybridZ is almost 3000 members now, and we have a lot of groups spread out throughout the country. I think it'd be a good idea to develop regional forums (i brought this up to mikelly before), where members can discuss local stuff, decide on meets, events and such. Something like:


north west (OR, WA, and the like)


socal (we need 2, california is a LONG state)

southwest (NM, AZ, etc)

midwest (colorado, utah, etc)

ohio (we have a lot of people from just ohio alone)

north east (VM, NH, NY, NJ, PA, and the like)

south east (FL, NC, SC, VA, etc)



something along these lines. input?

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Bringing this back up to the top - it would be a REALLY REALLY good idea to have regional forums for group meets and events and such. Much easier than for example, searching through posts in Motorsports or Announcements to find out what's where. Plus, it would give local people a chance to communicate in masses with each other.


Please see about making regional forums! it's now becoming a needed standard!

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in announcement forum you have everything from "hey, check out this picture I'm posting as a test!" to "hey, we're getting together a national hybridZ show in..."


So it becomes pretty broad. For example, I completely ignored the Motorsports forum, because I don't visit it often enough. There's a 6 page thread there about a norcal hybridz BBQ and sac raceway meet. I forgot about it because it got pushed down and off the main page, until Z-Dreamer reminded me. If you look at all other forums out there, they all have regional subforums, because it's convenient. It groups people by locality, making it easier to communicate. ie. we have 2 zya's on the board, did you know that? One's in norcal with a 383 sbc, and the other is with a turbo 240z on the east coast. :D

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I guess since I use the "new posts since last visit" function exclusively, I see everything, so it's not an issue. As for the testing of pics etc, that should be relegated to the Test Area 51 forum only.



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