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  1. Apart from the wheels and tires she still looks great!! That little girl there was a 7 year part of my life and a labor of love.
  2. Wow....just wow! I knew John pretty well and worked with him on both car and non-auto fabrication projects over the years......a genuinely good dude....I will find my life a little emptier now......
  3. Nice! It is cool builds like this that tempts me to get back into the Z car game.....
  4. Great video and humorous commentary (sorry if this has been posted before):
  5. .....kinda like a bad case of the the VD.....just keep coming back.... Ha ha ha...Opel.....that was about 4 or 5 cars ago.... Right now I have a 72 Suburban with a 461 BBC and 700R4 and also....wait for it....... a 1973 Mercury (Ford) Capri with a 2.0L DOHC fuel injected Kia Sportage engine and 5 speed (actually a rebadged Mazda FE3 engine). I was running the Kia ECU but recently changed to aftermarket so that I could eventually put a turbo on it..... Here are some pictures. After the body and paint still with original drivetrain: Original 2.0 Four: Pulling the engine: First test fit of the FE: Hooked everything up and fired it on the stand: Modified the oil pan to allow lowering the front of the engine a couple more inches: Absolutely no way to mount the clutch slave in the engine bay (between the brake booster and inner fender). Now in the wheel well (with a protection cover): Modified intake (hood clearance): And final installation:
  6. It is "the Man, the Myth, the Legend!" Lol Nice to see that she is still in good hands and is being loved .......but what is wrong with the wheels?
  7. Thought I would come in and say "Hi".... Been a few years.....was wondering how the founding fathers are doing Tim
  8. Tim, what lengths did you have speedway eng. make the shafts at and how much were they?

  9. Tim, my name's Keith an I own a 1990 300zx and I've been wanting to swap in an ls1 for fun. I know that Adlashwa has sold a manual before giving valuable information for this swap, but I have had no luck contacting him through email, AIM, or anything else. I cannot seem to find a manual anywhere. Do you happen to know how I can get ahold of one?

  10. Hey Larry, I drove passed you one day when you were towing your car (with a rented box truck, IIRC). On the I-10 east bound. I waved at you, but you likely just thought I was some nut!
  11. Beautiful! Worth the wait! You're not going to want to drive it now for fear of stone chips!
  12. EvilC, thanks for covering for me..... As for the front mount, I made one that bolted to the holes in the tunnel that originally held the old safety strap for the R180. So basically 2 plates that bolt to the tunnel, then a cradle of tubing that bolts to the differential front ears.....simple really. I can find some photos if you need..... Tim
  13. Piston, I still have the FSM from a 94 Z28 from my conversion several years ago. I also have TunerCat and the wiring. Let me know if you need either of those. Tim
  14. http://www.glumbert.com/media/highpower
  15. If you look at the Japanese text within the video (which I cannot read), there is one time where there is a numeric 5 and a cursive L, so I assume that means its 5 liter?
  16. Mike, What scale? I have 2 x 1/10 scale electric race chassis. One is FWD, one is belt drive AWD.
  17. http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=118107 http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=117787
  18. The studs likely just used some stamped steel trim nuts to hold them on. They didn't need to be very strong. If the studs are metal, I would recommend threading them to accept real nuts so that you can provide some real holding power. Tim
  19. He last posted 4 days ago. Maybe he went on vacation or something?
  20. Hanns, I have a couple of brand new Garrett 60-1s that I was planning on using for a project......by the looks of it, I will never get around to it. Drop me a PM if you are interested. Tim
  21. Hmmmm...T-shirt weather out here.....I dunno how you guys deal with it....would drive me nuts!!
  22. Do you think that the dead care?
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