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anybody know a cheap shipper?


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i bought brad's 240 turbo out of the classifieds... and now i have to get it to ny. since it isn't entirely feasible to go to south carolina for it, i need it shipped, but the one decent quote i got isn't getting back to me and the rest are, well, STEEP! :cuss: i want to get this car up here so i can, y'know, drive it... :burnout: but does anybody know a company that doesn't ask for a first-born child to ship a car?....bob

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This is from the Factory Five (Cobra) website. FFR is in Mass. If Stewart is delivering a car out CA way well you get the idea, give em a call.


Stewart Transport


A lot of customers arrange their own shipping through a company called Stewart Transport (888-737-4852). The guy that runs the place is named Collin Stewart and he has done a great job over the years. Stewart Transport picks up kits from our dock and delivers them to your driveway.


You pay them and the only thing they do for us is take care of you. Stewart has dedicated trucks with electric cranes so you don’t have to order a $350 crate from us. We don’t get any money from them for anything.

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they couldn't quote me. i don't know if i filled something out wrong, but i used the numbers you gave me and they had no carriers for my criteria.


it's starting to look like i might be taking a road trip! i have someone at my restaurant who volunteered to drive down, she's just needing a night to think it over. keeping fingers crossed... that'd be ALOT cheaper!!! :D



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