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  1. Hmmm... site must not allow outside linking... I'll get that fixed!
  2. Haven't dropped in for a few... here's why I haven't built the Z yet!
  3. I'm a musician... trying to get into engineering and producing. I started my solo record but it's taking forever! I play mostly bass but a little drums and guitar too. Unfortunately for the Z it's taken up the majority of my time and $$$ for the past year... but it's something I'm trying to go somewhere with... I'll have time to work on the Z again, soon I hope!
  4. How'd I miss this one? You got it looking and running badass! I'm glad she's in good hands... Bob-O
  5. Mike... You're the man. That's all.
  6. The flares look awesome, but somehow they're making your wheels look smaller. Could be an illusion... but that's what I'm seeing.
  7. Yeah, but the "beauty" of Wal-Mart is that in some towns, that's a step up!
  8. I think it looks good red... but Mike had something when he mentioned how it continues the stripe. Looks good now- would have been even better black. But that's one SICK Z and there's nothing that'll screw that up!
  9. My memory must be shot... I could have sworn you ran a cell. As for the panel, I was thinking more along the lines of replacing the stock one- if I had any photoshop skills (or the program itself) I'd try to show you what's in my head.
  10. What about a diffuser panel along the lines of a Ferrari F430? Two vents on either side that angle up in the center- it looks good pictured in my head!
  11. I'm in a similar boat, in theory. I set up a recording studio in my house and also have a record label in the very beginning stages, and a developing plan to grow both into successful businesses- all while my wife and I work to pay the bills and raise 2 kids! I'm 28 and she's 23, and we have a partner in the business who is also 28. It's a hard industry to get started in without prior name recognition but the goal is to create a body of work amongst ourselves that will hopefully attract clients to work with us. Fortunately, technological advances made startup costs VERY low and as the business grows, inevitably so will the gear list. So why go through all this trouble? Simple... to work toward a career doing something we love that has the potential for a comfortable payoff in the end. (And, thus, a ton of money to sink into Z's!!!) The hardest part is maintaining day jobs to pay the bills and keep health insurance, time that could be spent making the business grow faster. So what was the point of this story? It takes balls and sweat to do something like this, but the payoff of making nothing into something is a reward you just can't get punching someone else's clock. If we ever get the chance to meet up, Mike- I owe you a beer!
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