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  1. Poundz9oh9

    1973 240Z V8 for sale

    "Car is still for sale contact me at tombarace14@yahoo.com I don't frequent the forum much as I just had a baby."
  2. Poundz9oh9

    Non Z related .. Tool shed material

    Good points, thank you for the insight ... Definitely needs to go to the tool shed. We're good here lol
  3. Poundz9oh9

    Non Z related .. Tool shed material

    That's what I was thinking after giving it some more thought, just want sure .. ironically enough It appears to be EXACTLY one tooth difference ... Random tidbit .. No reference mark on the stock GM/Daewoo belt, or the Gates replacement .. Thanks man
  4. Poundz9oh9

    Non Z related .. Tool shed material

    It just doesn't make sense to me, if the belt jumped a tooth why would it be running fine ...
  5. Poundz9oh9

    Non Z related .. Tool shed material

    DP ... Couldn't delete from phone
  6. Poundz9oh9

    Non Z related .. Tool shed material

    Needs deleted
  7. Total tool shed material
  8. Poundz9oh9

    Carbon Trim Door Panels

    Oh my! Just what we've been needing! Drooling
  9. Poundz9oh9

    JAWZ240Z LSTT S30

    Dude ... What happened to the pic of the welds?
  10. Poundz9oh9

    What's it worth.

    Truer words have never been spoken(so to speak) .... I doubt it was even a lawyer that called, probably somebody posing as one. This guy knew exactly what he was doing.
  11. Start at the combo switch my friend.
  12. Poundz9oh9

    Another SCCA classing help thread.

    RebekahsZ, I'm with you ... I think I'm pretty much in that same boat indefinitely because of what I'd eventually like to do to the car. Knowing it's SSM for me at the moment at least lets me mentally compete and shoot for some goals Either way, I'm assuming none of it matters with the big "N" on the door anyway Wolfalp, it was actually THSCC that I was out with at NCCAR this Sunday. It was nice that I got to run in the rain a little too. I'll look into the coastal club as well, I just happen to come across this past event because my brother caught wind of it on facebook or something. John, I know right! Its funny, coming from my last S30 being a SBC swap I never thought the L28 could be THIS fun .. Now I'm looking at ways to keep the L28 .. for now and modding everything I can to help .. Starting with the driver mod ! Thousands in wasted dollars coming soon I'm sure!
  13. Poundz9oh9

    Another SCCA classing help thread.

    Ok, so from what I've read and what you guys are saying it seems to be confirmed at SSM. Yikes, I've got a lot of practicing coming! John, you are correct .. This was my first time out .. I have zero experience and was totally slow. I was just trying to place the car where it belongs so I know what else I can do without making it worse and placing me in a different class. Thanks everybody! I can't wait to get out again!
  14. Poundz9oh9

    Another SCCA classing help thread.

    John, so .. would that mean that you feel that I'm already way outclassed for what I've done? I mean, I feel that way at the moment, but if I were classed "properly" what other kind of cars would that put me up against? - jhm, sent
  15. On a whim (5 days notice), with really no prep or even thought about prepping for an autocross event, my brother talked me into going out with him to a 'local' (2 hour drive) autocross event, pretty much a 'run what you brung' for us and I think I'm hooked .... Which leads me to the question of what class? I don't think the club we were out with has seen too many S30's as there seemed to be some confusion as to what class I would run initially. No ding on them, but because I was a novice, I don't think they put a lot of thought into it either. Anyway, I've searched and searched in the SCCA rulebook and although it's definitely all spelled out, I'm still confused. It seems like I kept bouncing around from class to class due to the mods of the car and just wanted to see if I could get some assistance as to where some of the more experienced guys would put me as far as class goes. I'm pretty much looking to see how far I can go with further modifications since I think I've initially classed myself out of any competitiveness any time soon .. More must be done Here's the mods (77 280z) Coilovers (sectioned strut housings) Tokico Illuminas Weld in camber plates in the front (bolt in rear) 1" front sway bar with mounting point spacers T3 adjustable LCA's and TC rods Steel braided brake lines (rest of brakes are bone stock) 17x9 -13 Rota wheels (245/40/17 - Pirelli PZero tires) Fenders trimmed and flared RT Style rear diff mount And that's pretty much it for now, the drivetrain is bone stock as well. L28, 5 speed, 3.54 R200 I want to continue to do these events and get better and better, but I also want all the help from the car setup I can get. Just want to see where my starting point is so I can see what my limits are. Thanks!!!!!